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In the quest for improved thermal comfort and energy efficiency, modern homes have become increasingly airtight to seal out pesky drafts. While this might sound like a great idea for keeping your home cosy and reducing energy bills, there’s a hidden downside. With reduced air exchange, internal pollutants and condensation can wreak havoc on your indoor air quality. But fear not! The solution lies in a discreet and unobtrusive feature that is now being integrated into window frames – trickle ventilators.


Understanding Trickle Ventilators

Trickle ventilators, often simply referred to as trickle vents, are a clever addition to your window frames, providing continuous, subtle, and controllable background ventilation. Positioned discreetly at the top of the window frame, these vents enable a gentle stream of fresh outdoor air to enter your living space. You can effortlessly adjust the airflow using cords, rods, or even by hand.



The Benefits of Installing Trickle Ventilators:


Improved Indoor Air Quality

One of the most significant benefits of trickle ventilators is the enhanced quality of the air inside your home. Effective background ventilation can alleviate respiratory issues, such as asthma, and help manage indoor pollutant levels like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Enhanced Window Security

Trickle vents allow for constant ventilation, even when your window is closed and locked. The small opening, typically less than 20mm wide, prevents unwanted intrusions into your home.

24/7 Ventilation

Trickle vents don’t take breaks. They operate round the clock, whether it’s day or night, or even when you’re away on vacation. Keeping them open ensures your home enjoys continuous background ventilation.

Noise Reduction

Trickle ventilators reduce noise levels within your home without the need to open the main window. This feature is especially beneficial in noisy areas, like near busy roads or airports, and can be further improved with additional acoustic options.

Condensation Control

For homes grappling with condensation issues, modern double-glazed windows equipped with trickle vents, thermal breaks in the window frame, and a wide air gap between the glass panes can potentially mitigate condensation problems, reducing mold growth and internal surface damage.


Trickle ventilators are a cost-effective and passive solution for background ventilation, eliminating the need for air bricks. Since they operate passively, there are no ongoing electricity costs, and you have more control over room ventilation compared to traditional air bricks.

Are Trickle Vents Mandatory?

Mandatory installation of trickle ventilators is not required when replacing windows unless the existing window already has one. However, it is advisable to request them when replacing old windows with new double-glazed units to ensure optimal ventilation.

Trickle Vent Designs

Trickle vents can be incorporated into the frames of various window types, including casement windows, sash windows, and roof windows. They are compatible with a wide range of frame materials, such as PVC-u, timber, steel, and aluminium. When selecting the placement of your trickle vent, consider convenience and accessibility to ensure regular use.

Through Frame Design

This design positions the trickle vent through the top of the window frame, fully integrated into the window frame itself.

Over Frame Design

In cases where fitting the trickle vent through the frame is not possible, an over-frame design allows ventilation to be routed over the window frame or head.

Glazed Integration

For seamless aesthetics, some trickle vents are glazed directly into the window, offering a clean and integrated look.


Trickle ventilators offer a myriad of benefits, from improved air quality to noise reduction and condensation control. Whether you’re upgrading your existing windows or installing new ones, these discreet yet invaluable additions can significantly enhance the comfort and health of your home.

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