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Securing your home or business is a top priority for every owner, and one of the most vulnerable points for intruders is the front door. Did you know that 76% of burglars enter through a door, with a staggering 59% coming through the front door? That’s a compelling reason to carefully consider the security of your entrance. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of choosing the right front door and why G M Windows and Doors Ltd is your go-to solution for secure and stylish options.


The Importance of a Secure Front Door:


While security cameras and alarms play a role in safeguarding your property, the foundation of your security measures lies in the quality of your doors and windows. At G M Windows and Doors Ltd, we specialise in providing and installing high-quality, secure front and back doors in uPVC, aluminium, and composite timber. Let’s look into what makes a front door secure and why it’s crucial for your peace of mind.


Front Door Security:




The materials used in constructing your front door are crucial to its security. Steel doors, for instance, are known for their heavy-duty security features, able to withstand significant force. While they may lack the visual appeal of other options, they are a highly secure and cost-effective choice.


Frame Strength and Glass Quality:


Evaluating the strength of the door frame and the quality of any glass incorporated is vital. A robust frame and high-quality glass add an additional layer of security to your entrance.


Locking Mechanism:


The effectiveness of the door’s locking mechanism is a critical aspect of security. An easily manipulable lock compromises the overall safety of the door. Consider the type and strength of the lock when making your decision.


Additional Security Systems:

Beyond the door itself, additional security systems such as alarms and cameras enhance overall protection. G M Windows and Doors Ltd offers a variety of doors with customisation options to accommodate your specific needs and budget.



Tailored Solutions for Different Needs:



Heavy-Duty Security Front Doors:

For business premises or garages requiring heavy-duty security, steel doors are an excellent choice. While prioritising security, G M Windows and Doors Ltd ensures customisation options to match your preferences.


Residential Security Front Doors:

Balancing security with aesthetic appeal is crucial for residential front doors. G M Windows and Doors Ltd provides a range of customisation options, from colours and finishes to door furniture and glazing options, ensuring your door complements your home’s architecture and decor.


Privacy and Style:

Consider privacy alongside security. Frosted glass, available in techniques like acid-etched or sandblasted, provides a higher level of opacity and style. G M Windows and Doors Ltd offers options that cater to your privacy needs without compromising on design.


Different Door Styles:

Whether you prefer a traditional wood panel or a modern, sleek design, G M Windows and Doors Ltd offers various styles to suit your taste. From barn and craftsman styles to arch top and modern farmhouse designs, our doors can seamlessly integrate into your property.




When it comes to choosing the best front door for security, G M Windows and Doors Ltd stands out as a reliable partner. The extensive range of secure and customisable options ensures that you not only protect your loved ones and belongings but also make a lasting impression with a stylish and well-matched entrance. Elevate your security and style with G M Windows and Doors Ltd, where your safety is our top priority.

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